Monday, August 17, 2009

District 9

District 9Image by arycogre via Flickr

I saw it last weekend. I loved it. Star Trek from last may was a great mainstream sci-fi epic but District 9 holds the keystone in real science fiction so far for 2009 (and better than any sci fi i can remember from 08 and 07)

To begin, the actual setting of that was the slums of Johannesburg. Absolutely breathtaking and disgusting. The corrugated tin walls, crushed cardboard boxes, scraps of beef, and general dustiness took science fiction to a whole new domain. Even the space ship was a giant's step away from the classic sleek design. Instead, the exterior consisted of canisters , piping and matte steel plating.

Next, the film style. Part documentary, military log, security camera collection, and action sequences.

And the Prawns, stunning. Their chitinous exoskeletons caked with paint and filth was stunning. Their movement was a mix of hominid and extra terrestrial. Not to forget their eyes of course, clearly the gateway to connect with the human audience.

I feel that the movie will be a neo classic, on the shelf with Blade Runner as an intriguing look at humanity through the magic of science fiction.
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