Sunday, August 23, 2009

1984 : Scary Stuff

Hello folks, i just finished reading 1984 last night. [SPOILERS]

It is scary, hands down. The entire concept of doublethink is the single most twisted form of mental capacity capable in humans. And not only were the explanations about the eternal power of the Party scary but also the methods of transforming Winston into an automaton.

In truth, I felt a deep catharsis during the final third of the book. The slow destruction of Winston's humanity until he was a ghastly, gray skeleton then the party "rebuilt" him back to a healthy and "sane" individual. His undivided love for big brother a final, terrifying revelation in the mind of a western reader.

Orwell accomplished in writing a tragedy about not one man, but a species, and the message it leaves purges the readers. I was prepared at any moment for Goldstein or some rebel leader to break in an save the day but such fantasies never came. There was no way out until eventually; 2+2= 5

George Orwell - 1984Image by lungstruck

Two points of consideration and contemplation i have are:

Was Winston's mother still alive? Could she have been the women washing the clothes outside Charrington's house?

And what is the relationship between Big Brother and Winston considering that Winston is an actual biological big brother?
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