Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cities and Troops

The underwater city of RaptureImage via Wikipedia

Summer is still going strong.

Right now im playing Bioshock and reading starship trooper (Robert Heinlen)

The Starship Trooper is great. Right now im reading about boot camp. the writing is tough and gritty. Like most sci fi of that era, there is little description of the equipment and setting allowing a for personal imagination to create a futuristic boot camp.

Bioshock now, that is a beast of a game. Do i dare call it the ultimate steam punk story and setting? I will, because it takes the cake in all categories. The quests are extraordinaryly gruesome and original , gameplay is seemingly clunky compared to other FPS shooters but logically real, weapons and powerups vivid and rustic, and the city: Rapture, Unbelievable. The immense scale of Ryan's dream is brought to life in a way unseen since the first 3D video games.

Starship TroopersImage via Wikipedia

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