Friday, July 31, 2009

New Movies

These Look Good, all Sci-Fi. (And well Holmes is Holmes)

District 9, August 19th
A UFO has landed, but its aliens desire refuge, not domination. The government put them into ghettos, but tensions rise. This movie will have some great satire on immigration and diversity. Still with a strong message, the action looks gritty, much of the dialogue supposed to be improvised, And the aliens, called Prawns, look amazing in CG.

Gamer, September 4th
I don't know that much but I guess it is based on an idea similar to the movie Death Race. People on death row are put on sport for entertainment, of course, with a title like Gamer the catch to the battles are that they contenders are controlled by other people, much like a video game.

Avatar, December 18th
Completely 3-D, Avatar takes place on the planet Pandora. Its going to set the bar for all future science fiction films, and perhaps pave the way for 3-D CG.

Sherlock Homes, December 25th
Too awesome to ignore. This remake of humanity's greatest detective should involve witty humor and an interesting new take on both Holmes, and his foil, Watson.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boston Museum of Science

Mobius strip Try IIImage by fdecomite via Flickr

So its not science fiction but there were some great exhibits and models that were based of science. One great one was an exhibit called Mathematica, coolest stuff ever. All models and examples of the oddities in the world of math. The winner was the mobius ring, a 3D object that has one edge and one side! Other stuff includes an exhibit on black holes and a model of a Naboo fighter. So great!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Ol' Fourth

Fireworks over Miami, Florida, USA on American...Image via Wikipedia

Ah, the fourth of july, it was a fine weekend and surprisingly sunny. Who can forget Independence Day? Fight for humanity!

The fourth of July is such a pure holiday, and has a distinct sci-fi flare to it. All the rockets, sparkling lights, a united people make the 4th a prime time for science fiction fans to get outside.
Now for some business: The foundation series.


I'm on the third book of the original trilogy, Second Foundation. I have a problem that is quite rare in the world of literature, figuring out who the hell i should be rooting for. Honestly, the Mule seemed to be galactic enemy number one, but now these psychologists are pretty demented and controlling. I do not like their philosophy of producing the proper galactic leaders while the first foundation creates the physical structure of the new empire. There is a corrupt aura around those who expect to lead the world. I hope i figure out my protagonist soon but nevertheless, Asimov is a genius.
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