Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Ol' Fourth

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Ah, the fourth of july, it was a fine weekend and surprisingly sunny. Who can forget Independence Day? Fight for humanity!

The fourth of July is such a pure holiday, and has a distinct sci-fi flare to it. All the rockets, sparkling lights, a united people make the 4th a prime time for science fiction fans to get outside.
Now for some business: The foundation series.


I'm on the third book of the original trilogy, Second Foundation. I have a problem that is quite rare in the world of literature, figuring out who the hell i should be rooting for. Honestly, the Mule seemed to be galactic enemy number one, but now these psychologists are pretty demented and controlling. I do not like their philosophy of producing the proper galactic leaders while the first foundation creates the physical structure of the new empire. There is a corrupt aura around those who expect to lead the world. I hope i figure out my protagonist soon but nevertheless, Asimov is a genius.
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