Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Quote and more

"Skywalker. Skywalker. And why do you come to walk my sky, with the sword of a Jedi knight? ... I remember another Skywalker."

What a wonderful quote. I found it on io9's article about 10 thing you didn't know about episode 5. One of the Yoda precursors was named Minsch Yoda, and he says this epic line. Come to think about it, names are quite powerful in Star Wars. Particularly the original trilogy. Of course names like Obi wan, or Ki Addi Mundi have little symbolic/literary value. But "Skywalker" and "Solo" among a few others can be consider important as allusions to the character's style and potential.

I was thinking about ice, because in AP physics, ice means frictionless in all the book problems. Why is ice frictionless? Well friction is the temporary bonds formed between two surfaces. Ice must be frictionless because water molecules are polar. In a solid form, all the polar molecules bond with each other to form complex crystals. If they're bonded together, they cannot be bonding with other objects.
How's that for some applied chemistry?

Edit: I just talked with a physics/chemistry teachers. He explained my water-friction idea differently. Friction is more about the microscopic abrasion going on between unsmooth surfaces. Ice is merely smoother than other surfaces. (Although, we could then lead to see it's smoothness as a property of a compact crystalized form...)

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