Sunday, November 14, 2010

SF Movie Concerns

There are so many SF movies that suck. But in the grand scheme of things, there are so many movies that suck. Nay! There's a ton of art that sucks.

I've been inspired by this recent release of Skyline. I don't plan on seeing it, not only because of the disappointing reviews but also my current philosophy of avoiding the movie theatres like the plague because Hollywood doesn't deserve my money. I digress.

Skyline is the perfect example of SF glamorized only for the FX then roasted for total lack of meaning. A cheap thrill, an insult to the human mind. But I say we still need movies like it to come out, even in our modern era. It will only fulfill the generations of humorously horrible movies. I would make the connection that such bad, CGI imbued movies are akin to such laugh-fests as Attack of the Killer Shrews or The Giant Gila Monster. In a sense, they are important for the SF genre only so future fans have the ability to enjoy themselves and laugh at the horrendous low-points of SF. So don't be fearing that SF has lost its glory, in fact horrendous flicks are just planting the seeds for future geeks to enjoy.

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