Friday, September 3, 2010

An Enticing Enticement

I can't lie, it's hard to find time to write on this blog, as much as I enjoy SF. But taking AP Physics this year, the teachers offers extra credit if a student keeps a "diary" of science and includes pictures, links, and personal reflections. Well, this site is already set up and adding a bit of real science never hurt anyone so I will be using this as a recording tablet to proof I really want the Extra Credit and am willing to put time into thinking about science. On the plus side, you readers are guaranteed more posts per week than ever before.

As a first topic, hurricane Earl is grazing New England. When I got home from school it was already raining and I noticed the sunflowers were tilted. They are still stalks with large buds promising many seeds. To protect their delicate cargo in the final weeks of growth, I quickly found sticks and string to provide a support structure. Then the rain really started to come down. But I continued as planned and tied up the plants to sticks I hammered into the soft ground (though I did take off my button-down shirt). I found the experience exhilarating. Here is a man trying to grow a plant that nature wants to destroy. But man will not sacrifice the plant, perhaps more stubbornly, the hours he's already put into the gardening, so he'll go to great lengths to keep the little green sun-eater safe. That is a powerful bond. Agriculture should not be taken lightly in our society, only strong willed individuals can show love for fields of life-nourishing plants.

That's a solid start, I'm off to read Mostly Harmless, the final Hitch hiker's book in comfort of my home.

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