Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Return, and Summer Begins

So i have an exam on monday, then it's summer. Luckily, it's physics, which fits the theme of the blog. There is not much of an excuse for not posting for 7 months but at least I'm back

I'm working on Douglas Adams, currently book two, the Restaurant at the end of the Universe. I am a fan of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation and all of their ineffective robots. And Roosta (and his towel) may be my favorite minor character.

In the video game world, I've started Doom 3 but I'll need a full night to truly delve into such a classic sci-fi horror game.

I also finally beat the Starcraft 1 Terran Campaign. Probably 4 years to late but at least I did it.
It is the ultimate ending, rebel leader turns corrupt emperor and the comrades you grow to trust are now outlaws. It's cliche but I enjoy it thoroughly, that is what science fiction is all about. The same story, told in different ways, with different universes to observe and learn.

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