Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too long

Halo 3 ODST: We are ODST!Image by commorancy via Flickr

Dang, i haven't posted in a while. Well thats over now. I been reading and playing SF as well as
getting through school.
Halo ODST: A fine game and an honorable part of the series. Its music, setting, and scenery are by far the most intriguing. Especially New Mombasa at night, amazing. I particularly liked the use of the upgraded weapons. The smg finally has a reason to be used and the scoped pistol is a godsend for halo vets. Basically, it was Bungie's artistic view of their Halo universe. There were clear connections to post apocalyptic city atmosphere a la Left 4 Dead and Bioshock. Sadly, the obvious attempt ruins the originality of the Halo universe and only fails to add any variable to the "rampant, abandoned, automatic city of the future" formula. Regardless, the game has its moments of shear awesome action, specifically the various "Defend this position" scenarios.

Next, as a retro consideration, i recently replayed some of Pikmin, Nintendo's original rts. What a perfect blend of sci fi this little treasure is. It has the urgency (only 30 days of life support), personality (the stranded captain Olimar misses his family) and world building (the entire alternate reality of Earth and its Pikmin based ecosystem) Awesome game, awesome world. An SF video game at its finest.
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