Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer; Posting Return

Ok, well, i haven't posted in a while as school just slowed me down. But i finished my exams and such so here's to a summer of Sci-fi and nerdom!

I picked up The Orange Box by Valve for my 360 during exam week. Best choice in a while. I beat portal in one sitting, and the advanced levels the next morning. It is incredibly funny and creative. Its going up there with Tetris and World of Goo as a top puzzle game. Speaking of Tetris, i also beat that game on my gameboy, specifically mode b, speed of 9, level 5. The easter eggs at the end include a minuture folk band playing Tchaikovskey's Trepak and then a random U.S. space shuttle launching into orbit. It felt good.

Now i'm on to half-life 2.

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